Stay focused

Mark Critical Moments

Stay focused and keep your eyes off the screen by dropping flags. Did your client just say something interesting? Tap the “Interesting” flag and carry on – Jog will remember exactly what was said and refer you back to it later.

Recall and Review

Search and Remember

Look up keywords and have perfect recall about conversations you had.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered, just ask!

How does it work?
We provide you with a free conference call number for you to use. Host your meetings and calls using this line to take advantage of the platform. Once a call is finished, you'll be able to listen to the call, see the transcript, read your notes, and highlight important points. All accounts come with 5 hours free, so you can give it a try risk-free.
Are my conversations private?
Yes. We put security first at every step, ensuring that your conversation is private. No one can access the audio or conversation, unless you activate sharing for a conversation and send it to someone.
How much does cost?
Our pricing is simple: $29/month with a 14 day free trial (no CC required).
Am I charged for conference calls?
During our beta, all calls are free.
What are flags?
Flags make it easy for you to mark moments during a call that you find interesting, relevant, or useful later on. You can quickly review a conversation by looking through flagged moments.

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