This Robot Takes Notes for You

Stop being distracted in meetings. Focus on your conversation and we'll jog your memory later.
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Foolproof Note Taking

How many great ideas go uncaptured because you’re rightfully paying attention in meetings?

How many moments of authentic connection have you missed because your eyes are buried in a laptop taking notes?

Focus on your conversation – Jog remembers everything and makes it easy to find those critical moments from your conference calls and in person meetings.

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Simple Conference Calling

Just dial into your conference line and we'll take it from there. No more annoying pin numbers.

Capture Every Word

Jog automatically notes every word said and matches it to the actual audio for a perfect record.

Intelligent Markers

Drop a marker any time so you can find the most interesting moments later to highlight and share.

In Person Meetings

Works with any audio files. Upload recorded audio from your phone or conference recording devices.

Mark Critical Moments

Stay focused and keep your eyes off the screen using intelligent markers. Did your client just say something interesting? Tap the “Interesting” button and carry on – Jog will remember exactly what was said and refer you back to it later.

Markers let you review and summarize a 1 hour call in just a few minutes. With markers, you’ll never forget an important moment.

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How It Works


Dial In

Record conference calls using your dedicated conference line. All you have to do is dial in, and there's no passcode required.


Drop Markers

Use your phone or the Jog web app to drop markers. Just click a button to timestamp key parts of the call or even add your own comments.


Read and Share

Your conversation will be fully processed in 30 - 60 minutes. You'll need to do a little clean up to make everything look perfect before sharing.

Mobile Ready

Pull up your conversations on the go with a beautifully optimized mobile experience.

APIs Available

Want to automatically import audio from your existing conference call solution? We can handle that.

Security First

We care deeply about your sensitive call data, that's why we've put security first in every product decision.

Instant Access

No schemes or sales people to talk to – just sign up and start recording conference calls today.

Super Simple Setup

Once you create an account, we'll give you a dedicated conference line and you can start making calls right away.

Accessible Development Team

Our team is in the user forums daily to respond to your feature requests. Many new features get implemented within a week.

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