Stay focused
during client calls.

Jog will take notes for you, and make it easy
to share the call with your team.

We capture every moment, so that you can stay present on your calls.

Whether you're calling a client to discuss the latest updates, or you need to get your entire team on a conference call, Jog will be there to make sure you don't forget a single moment.

Capture every moment Capture every moment
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“Obviously, what I liked most about the software is simply what the software does: ease of recording calls and eliminating the need to take excessive notes while on call.”

—Tara, Digital Marketing Coordinator Capterra Logo Independently reviewed on Capterra

Perfect recall.

Jog knows exactly who is talking, so when you look back at a call it reads like a screenplay.

See exactly who said what on conference calls
Share moments from your phone calls with your team

Share poignant moments.

Need to host a conference? Stories let you share a collection of interesting moments with others on your team. Highlight key moments to show the overarching themes of the call. Your team will love it.

Keyword highlight and search. can automatically highlight keywords related to things like your core company values, and it's even easier to search in a conversation (or across all conversations) if you're looking for something specific.

Search for interesting moments in your phone calls
What looks like

Jog calls read like a screenplay and have key moments indicated throughout the transcript. Click a word to immediately hear what was actually said.

View an actual Jog call.

How much does it cost you to forget
what you said on a call?

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Ben from T3

“It's totally changing the way that we do conference calls and saving a ton of time. Love the ability to drop flags at important points. And also love that you can share the entire conversation with your team.”

—Ben, President

Frequently asked questions

Can Jog integrate into my CRM or project management tool?

Absolutely! We have native integrations with Hubspot, and you can use Zapier to connect Jog to a variety of other services.

Are my calls private?

We secure calls using the same standards required by credit card companies for handling sensitive information.

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⚠️ Currently, is only available in the US. Interested in using Jog from somewhere else? Let us know!