Bring the Power of Speech
Analytics to your Call Center integrates seamlessly with your call center operation.

Identify key moments during calls - and ensure customer satisfaction

Instead of spending time randomly choosing when to audit a call, using, you can identify important calls to review by filtering conversations based on keyword mention or sentiment analysis. Find the exact moments when a customer is starting to sound frustrated, or identify when they threaten to leave for a competitor.

Because integrates directly with your contact center's system, you'll see all of the relevant metadata about the call, including the agent involved, IVR interactions, and more.

Perfect recall
Capture any call

Take actions based on what happens within a call

Each call is analzyed three ways: the tone of each caller's audio, the sentiment of each caller, and a text analysis on the transcript of the call. This gives you unprecedented access to read "in between the lines" of calls. Based on this data, you can create Actions that trigger events in other systems.

For example, you can notify a supervisor in Microsoft Teams any time an agent has several calls back-to-back where they have a negative disposition, so that the supervisor can jump in and provide coaching. Or, if a competitor's name is mentioned, you can automatically send that call to a spreadsheet so that you can keep track of the competitive landscape.

Capture every moment

Collaborative coaching for continuous improvement

Make it easier for your team to coach agents with the platform. Instead of blandly reviewing call audio, you can annotate the transcript directly. This allows the agent the ability to review the call, see the supervisor's notes inline with the transcript, and click to hear exactly what was said. It's a powerful way to reframe the QA / QM process.

By using Natural Language Processing, you no longer have to rely on manual audits of calls. Over time, the platform uses machine learning to identify calls that are normative or problematic automatically.

What looks like

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