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Integrate once and get access to every major ASR

Though Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) has become increasingly commoditized, it’s still the case that the major providers have differences in pricing, capability, and accuracy. The Jog API let’s you switch ASR providers easily, which translates into:

Save development time and transcription costs by choosing the right transcription provider for your use case, without having to do costly integrations into each one

Perfect recall

Instant Switching Between The Best ASRs

IBM Watson Google Cloud AWS Transcribe Miscrosoft Azure Speechmatics
Capture any call

Best-possible speaker splitting without the hassle

Though end-users often complain broadly about “accuracy,” savvy developers know that the quality of a voice system’s speaker splitting accuracy (or diarisation) is usually the main factor in user satisfaction and adoption.

The Jog API understands that there are different levels of speaker splitting based on the type of audio that’s used. The API will automatically detect audio file types and choose the best method available, including:

Algorithmic Diarisation

Best for flat files such as real-world recordings from a phone or WebEx audio import

Channel-Based Diarisation

100% accuracy when when independent audio channels are available

Backend and frontend modules get your app running in no time

Focus on what’s truly valuable to your use case, and let handle the basics.

Real-time Manual Flagging Smart Flags Interactive Transcripts

Smart flags
Capture every moment

Integrate once and get access to every major ASR

Displaying automated transcripts that look as if they were transcribed manually is no small feat. With the platform, you don’t have to worry about the “gotcha” aspects of automated transcription that break up transcripts into illogical chunks.

Inverse Text Normalization Punctuation Paragraph Splitting Over-talking

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