Maintain focus on
important calls.

Jog captures who said what,
so you can stay present in the call.

Perfect recall. For every call.

Tired of having an intern scribble down incoherent notes? We let you host conference calls or call someone direct. We record and transcribe the call and make it easy to type a quick note.

Capture every moment Capture every moment
Julian at Zaragoza

“The notes on the transcript make it easy for collaboration and to quickly get back to important moments in the call.”

—Julian F., CEO

Who said what, perfectly.

No more wondering which person said what — knows every speaker and transcribes each individually, so that you have the best possible transcription.

See who said what on your phone calls
See who said what on your phone calls

Share poignant moments.

Make sure your team is up-to-date on the latest client calls. Share the entire conversation or quickly create a Story to share a specific set of moments in the call.

Your personal assistant on the call

Want to remind yourself of a particular moment? Just ask Jog to mark that moment. You can also set custom words that will automatically drop a flag so that it's easy to reference later on.

Personal assistant AI for your phone calls
What looks like

Jog calls read like a screenplay and have key moments indicated throughout the transcript. Click a word to immediately hear what was actually said.

View an actual Jog call.

How much does it cost you to forget
what you said on a call?

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“Since I no longer have to take notes on the calls and can quickly flag important parts... I can now spend my time more actively listening

—Justin S, Founder

Frequently asked questions

Are my calls secure?

We secure calls using the same standards required by credit card companies for handling sensitive information.

Can I make calls on the go?

Yes! You can easily dial a number from the Jog site using your mobile browser.

Ready to get started?

⚠️ Currently, is only available in the US. Interested in using Jog from somewhere else? Let us know!