uses the latest in NLP and
AI to supercharge your calls.

Natural language processing automatically utilizes the most effective speech recognition platform based on what type of call you are making and then uses advanced NLP to highlight important parts of your call.

The world's easiest note taking system

AI relies on a dataset of past interactions in order to be useful. We don't have time to wait for that - so we made it incredibly easy to mark important moments in your call and jot down a quick note.


Read our overview of state recording laws and be informed!


Conference calls

Host conference calls with 2 people or 200 people. will know exactly who said what.

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Inbound calls

Customers calling you all day? Now you don't have to drop everything to take the call with our mobile app for iOS and Android.


Direct calls

Call people directly and the call will look like it's coming from you, but the call will be captured by Jog.

Tod Maffin

“I was blown away by Jog. The direct syncing, the flags, the quality of the transcription. I did two calls with this and switched our company's conference number over to Jog.”

—Tod Maffin President, engageQ

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