Stay present and engaged
during phone screens.

Jog captures who said what,
so you can share it later.

We help you capture every moment, so that you can stay present on your calls.

It's important to stay focused when you are going through an interview. We help you stay attentive and present, creating a positive candidate experience.

Capture every moment Capture every moment
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“I was blown away by Jog. The direct syncing, the flags, the quality fo the transcription. I did two calls with this and switched our company's conference number over to Jog.”

—Tod Maffin President, engageQ

Perfect recall.

Jog knows exactly who is talking, so when you look back at a call it reads like a screenplay. We return transcripts in minutes, not hours or days.

Capture every moment during a phone interview
Share important moments from your phone screens

Share poignant moments.

You can share specific moments in a conversation or let others on your team review the entire conversation — audio and the transcript.

Keyword highlight and search. can automatically highlight keywords related to things like your core company values; and it's even easier to search in a conversation (or across all conversations) if you're looking for something specific.

Search and highlight keywords from your phone calls and voice data
What looks like

Your calls read just like a screenplay. Click a word and you'll hear exactly was was said on the call.

View an actual Jog call.

How much does it cost you to forget
what you said on a call?

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“Provides a straightforward platform with high-quality AI transcription and intelligent flags dropped for future review.”

—Giovanni H. Capterra Logo Independently reviwed on Capterra

Frequently asked questions

Applicant tracking system integration? lets you use Zapier to closely integrate with your ATS of choice. Once a call is over, Zapier can send the call link back to your ATS and associate it with that candidate.

Secure and private?

We secure call using the same standards require by credit card companies to interact with personal information.

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