12.12.17 - Big Update - Winter 2017

  • Export audio and editable .doc files
  • Inline flags make comments much easier to read
  • Additional conversation analytics like talking speed and interruptions
  • Speech to text engine improvements
  • Stability and speed improvements
  • Video walkthru of the updates

11.15.17 - Keyboard Shortcuts for Flags

  • You can now drop flags without touching your mouse!

10.24.17 - Smart Flags

  • Automatic flags now drop when callers say interesting things related to pricing, timing, etc. Custom Smart Flags coming soon.

9.12.17 - Outbound Calling

  • Dial anyone directly, no conference line required

9.12.17 - Chrome Extension

  • The new Chrome extension adds a “call with Jog.ai” button to phone numbers in Gmail. Get it here

9.6.17 - Streamlined Interface

  • No more manage call view. Do everything from one screen, including initiating calls and dropping flags.

9.1.17 - Batch of Small Updates

  • SMS Notifications When Someone Enters Your Conference Room
  • Full transcripts are now delivered in your emails so use can use your email client to search Jog calls